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Posted 21/03/2022 in All things rugby by Host a Fan

"If you throw enough darts, you'll get enough bullseyes"

This week, I had a really emotional, inspiring and serendipitous story with a very happy ending I want to share with you.

You may know that over the last few months, I've been peppering pub toilets up and down the south west with these host a fan posters. Yes, with permission.

You may have even read about the time in Cardiff when 50 brand new posters were stolen (that was a particular low point).

I was assessing whether all this time and effort was really worth it. Often, when I'd go back into pubs a few days later, the posters were no longer up and I was left disheartened as I put up a replacement.

Anyway, I have a travelling fan going to Cardiff for tomorrow's match. A guy and his wife who I really wanted to impress and have a good experience and who I'd found a suitable host for. Suddenly, his host cancelled on me earlier this week.

Panic !!!

I frantically searched my new members and there was one that stood out. A CF postcode in the centre of Cardiff. Bingo!

I'd had a lot of sign ups online over the last week so when I called my lovely host and asked her where she'd seen the website, I fully expected her to say from the video.

You can probably sense my joy, happiness and relief when she in fact said she'd seen it in a toilet in her local pub in Cardiff.

Suddenly, all those posters, all that travelling, those relationships with the landlords, all felt worthwhile for this one sign up.

We had a lovely conversation and she was able to host this weekend so I've connected her with my travelling supporter. ❤

And now, for the best bit, my travelling fan has even bought her a ticket for the match as she's not been able to go for the last two years.

That is, quite simply, the very best of the rugby family.

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