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If you're sick of pumping money into targeted social media ads and not seeing any results, then you're in the right place. 

We've been there ourselves. We know how easy it is to spend waste advertising spend on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter because that's where everyone else targets their users and that's where the 'crowd' is. 

But your customers on social media know this too. That's why they've become numb to advertisements, no matter how amazing your pub food, new CBD brand or rugby gear is. They're simply scrolling, looking for the next big picture to catch their attention and get their milisecond dopamine hit. 

If you want targeted, high-return, high engagement advertising, then get in touch. 

Advertising on host a fan offers:

  • Average of 3,420 highly engaged website visitors per month. 
  • Average engagement time of 1min 16s versus 0.27 per post on Facebook/Instagram 
  • A highly targeted, specific and rugby-mad target market.
  • Much higher interest levels and longer time spent per page. 
  • Higher average age of users more spend, more attention and more engagement. 
  • Good for public image by supporting a community-focused, non-corporate small start-up  

Our packages start from as little as £50 per season. 


£50 per season


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