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Your Safety

What we're doing and our tips to ensure a safe stay for all of our members

1. More Features

After speaking to hundreds of supporters, conducting a research survey and researching similar platforms, we've invested in an all-new platform designed to give you more control over your safety as both a host and a travelling supporter.

A picture is worth a thousand words

That’s why require all verified members to have at least one profile picture so you can see who you’re staying with.

Feedback & rating

We’ve created an integrated feedback system allowing members and hosts to both give feedback after an exchange.

Social media integration

We encourage our host members to integrate their social media accounts on their host a fan profile to improve transparency and increase trustworthiness. This is particularly encouraged if a member doesn’t have any feedback yet.

Your information 

All members are required to enter a brief personal description on their host a fan member profile when they sign up and are encouraged to enter as much information about themselves, their rugby story and hosting information as possible. Remember: the more information, the more transparency for our users.

3.  Our Tips For You 

Here are our tips and recommendations for ensuring your own safety when using host a fan.

A zero-tolerance approach

Because your safety is paramount, any suspicious activity or reported abuse by any member will result in the offending member’s profile being suspended immediately. Anyone found guilty of abusive/threatening or insulting behaviour will be banned from the platform indefinitely and their account will be deleted.

Meet Remotely

Whilst we encourage you to do as much checks as possible before the stay, if you are still nervous  after accepting a hosting request, we recommend meeting your visiting fan or host in a public place. Busy places like coffee shops, the train station or even the local pub can be safer spots to meet them for the first time than in the house.

Your Home = Your Rules

As well as the number of supporters you can host and the maximum number of nights, our new profile dashboard allows you to specify any house rules that you may have. For example, no smoking or drinking on the premises.

Our golden rule is your house, your rules and if you feel uncomfortable, you do not have to host a visiting supporter, we just ask that you respond to their request in a timely manner so they can make other arrangements.

In an Emergency

In the extremely unlikely event that one of our members threatens or physically hurts you, during a hosting occasion, please remember to call the police immediately and once safe, please call us on our emergency number: 07720 904 782 so we can help find an alternative arrangement.