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How it Works

Here's how a hosting exchange works

Watch the video below to learn how we're making every single matchday a better experience for all supporters. 

Our step-by-step guide to staying with a friendly fan on your next match 

Step 1: Join Our Family of Fans

Be a part of rugby's biggest family of friendly fans hosting one another on their away trips by joining as one of two membership types. 

Host & Guest (Most Popular)
Create your hosting profile and offer to host supporters whilst having a better matchday experience. 

(Don't worry, if you're not able to host on a particular occasion, that's fine, we just ask that you communicate with the fan so they can make alternative arrangements). 

Guest Only 
Can't host right now? 
Join as a Guest and save an average of over £200 per night on your accommodation costs and giving you a better, more local experience. 

- Join the Family - 

Step 3. Creating Friends

Once you've agreed a hosting exchange with your host or guest, the real fun can begin. 

The heart of our host community is the hosting occasion centred around a rugby game. This is the stage where the tales come out, the memories are made and experiences are shared. 

Our hosts welcome their guests to their home, might offer to cook them food and even go to the game with them to make each matchday a truly unique and special occasion.

Creating FriendsThe central element of the exchange - the match

Step 4. Review & Feedback

After each hosting occasion, we strongly encourage both parties to leave feedback and a rating for the other member. This will help us improve our security, increase transparency and allow more supporters to transform their matchday experiences. 

Both parties are encouraged to also tell their friends about this amazing experience and encourage them to join the community too, helping us to help more rugby supporters everywhere.

Reviews are key to ensuring a safe community 

Step 5. Reciprocate 

Possibly the most important part of the cycle is the reciprocal element of our community - that sense of paying it forwards. 

We encourage all of our hosts to become travelling supporters and all of our travelling supporters to become hosts (this doesn't usually take much persuasion). 

The more exchanges we can help to create, the more we can help rugby supporters like you get to more games, more often. 

That's how we're connecting fans 

and creating friends. 

ReviewHosts become travellers and travellers become hosts

Your Safety 

See the steps we're taking to help ensure you have a safe stay on your next away trip by visiting our Your Safety page.