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How we're building rugby's first ever host community

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When an accommodation crisis saw local Kiwis hosting travelling Lions supporters on the 2017 tour, newspapers were filled with tales. Supporters shared their personal stories.

The 'Adopt a Lion' campaign was an overwhelming success. 

We knew that the generosity, kindness and friendliness of the locals existed within the rugby community the world over. 

Unfortunately, we only got to see it in an emergency and so our mission was set: to create a community of like-minded rugby supporters happy to hosttravelling fans in exchange for being hosted on their own away trips.


We've spoken to hundreds of rugby supporters all over the UK (& further afield too) to understand what you wanted from a community. Then, we spent a lot of time (and money) to create the all-new Host a Fan platform you see today, with the following requsted features: 

✓ Profile and hosting photos 

✓ A public feedback and review system to gain trust

✓ Ability to search by Maps and hosting requirements 

✓ Onsite member-to-member messaging 

✓ An all-new rugby forum section 

We've added all of this and more in an all-new user-interface, all so you can....

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Rugby fans


As rugby fans, we know that away days are often the very best days of being a fan. We also know that the majority of us are like-minded, friendly and welcoming people. And rugby's one big family. 

That's why we encourage our members to make the most of every exchange and why we find that our hosts often enjoy the experience more than their guests!

So make each away trip a truly unique experience, create your own family of rugby friends and transform your away trip experience by being a part of rugby's first host community.


There's nothing worse than when all the nearby hotels put their prices up because there's a big game in town. Now Airbnb and other sites are doing the same. Whilst away trips can often be the highlights of the season, they can also turn into an expensive hobby.

But you can't miss the big game, right? Allow us...

Whilst we encourage members to host for free, if they do want to charge, we don't want you to miss out so we've capped the most that a host can charge you to stay at £50. We take a small cut of the fee you pay simply  to allow us to grow the community, reach more supporters and increase the reliability of our network so we can help more supporters go to more games, more often.

Adopt a Lion